Lockdown Lethargy

So here we are week whatever of lockdown, the elusive ‘R’ number is still around 1 and the world as we know it is a much different place. There does feel to be a light at the end of the tunnel as we navigate our way out of lockdown.

The last 2 weeks I have had a huge lockdown lethargy, struggling to find the motivation. Everything is a struggle, I am exhausted, even though I am spending more time in bed. It feels like I have a massive case of procrastination going on. Why am I feeling exhausted, irritable, drained of energy and motivation — when I am doing less than my pre lockdown self.

I guess we are all at the point at which we’ve got used to life-in-lockdown but are losing morale in the face of ongoing uncertainty. When will this end? What will it look like when it does? And what’s even the point? The last sentence, what is the point?  I feel this more when you see the actions of people not social distancing on the beaches, the protests and the floods of people visiting my adoptive home of Cumbria.  It does make me made that people don’t take responsibility for themselves, how the minority and it always is the minority spoiling it for everyone else.  Parking on pavements, on roads with double white lines, leaving litter everywhere, defecating in the streets, I am bewildered how they think this is acceptable behaviour?  Have we been in lockdown that long, they have gone Neanderthal?

Lockdown is monotonous; it has deprived us of activities we used to relax, enjoy, socialise, and stimulate ourselves. I miss the exercise classes I go to, though 2 of the trainers I went to have now done online classes and clubs, which makes it feel a bit more connected. I have started socially distanced running with my friend Annie.

We have to remind ourselves, how many times have you been in lockdown? Never is the answer for most of us. So it makes sense that we’re only learning how to live in this situation and that we don’t have to the best at it.

For me because I am always striving at things that I have to tell myself that I don’t have to be hyper-productive right now. Feeling a bit “off” is normal and okay.  

Bring on normality however that may look.  I can’t wait to see my stepsons, it is the longest we have not seen each other.  Facetime and Zoom are good substitutes but nothing beats human contact.

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