Lockdown 2.0

With the second wave of Covid-19 taking over the country. Lockdown 2.0 the sequel is here.

When we went into lockdown in March, it was a novelty, never happened before in our lifetimes, oh and the weather was amazing.

With the announcement of the furlough scheme being extended to March. The thought of spending the coming months in varying degrees of lockdown is an unappealing one.

Instead of FOMO maybe we should embracing JOMO – the joy of missing out – taking the opportunities that imposed downtime brings: time to rest, restore, and live life at a slower pace. Though that’s easier said than done when your business has lost 85% of its business.

One thing I try to do is to keep working out. With the rules allowing you to exercise with another. I can keep running with my friend Annie. Though we are both experiencing post marathon lethargy. Praying for the feel-good hormones after our runs. As they said you never regret a run but you do regret not going.

It’s rainy and cold outside. I read that a bunch of fresh flowers will not only brighten your space but can also have positive effects on your wellbeing. A Japanese study showed that looking at fresh flowers can decrease stress by enhancing activity in the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the body’s rest and digestion response. Not only great to look at but good for you too!

Here’s hoping that the lockdown is temporary and life returns to the new normal on December 2nd!

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