Lockdown 3.0

For the last 3 weeks all we have heard is Happy New Year! But somehow, it doesn’t really feel like a ‘new year’ does it? Starting off 2021 in Lockdown was not how we all planned it to be. By now, we are all aware that the world has changed dramatically. We have adapted to furlough schemes, shops being closed, schools moving to online learning and of course, sourdough starters and banana bread.

Yes, we have been here before. Lockdowns are fast becoming the norm for our COVID world, but unlike before there is no summer, no Christmas on the horizon to focus on. Lockdown 3.0 is in the gloom and cold of winter, the most depressing month of the year when the days are short, weather’s shit, the greyness outside seems to mirror our mood. Though there is a hint of spring as the evenings are getting lighter.

This lockdown does feel harder to deal with than the ones we have dealt with before. I, for one, am struggling to stay motivated. I no longer feel like I am trying to ‘make the most’ of a bad situation or ‘look on the bright side’ as I did during the previous lockdowns. It is like I am simply surviving – going through the motions and trying my best to get through the chaos we seem to have found ourselves in yet again.  Having lived through two lockdowns by this point in the pandemic, you might assume that we would know how to cope with yet another one. But despite all this, coping with life under lockdown 3.0 feels a lot more difficult.

At this point we are dealing with the weariness of being nearly a year down the line in this pandemic, I for one was optimistic that the world would be a different place now.  But we have no plans for an exit and of life returning to normal.

If ever there was a time to focus on the small stuff, it is now. That cup of tea you are about to make? Savour the whole experience – start with some deep breaths in through your nose out through your mouth whilst the kettle boils. Choose your best mug (we have all got one!) and focus on all the sensations while you are sipping your tea – what can you smell? How does it taste? What can you hear? What can you see? How does the cup feel in your hands? Engaging in small moments like this lets our brains rest in the present moment, and by doing so we feel a short relief from the constant whirring of our thoughts.

Where there is tea there is hope!!  Shameless plug you can get great tea (and coffee) at Penningtons! https://penningtonscoffee.co.uk/

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