My 3 words

Inspired by a Twitter friend, rather than a list of resolutions, is to simply have 3 words to live your life to for the year.

Write them down and then put them everywhere to remind you. At the moment my post it notes on my computer screen are when the next VAT return is due, to check when the Covid grant will be available and a customer product reminder. I know I live such a rock and roll lifestyle

The my 3 words is the brain child of Chris Brogan

So after thinking my 3 words for 2022 are

Plan – I am a planner it’s in my DNA. But to plan time in for me. Rather than trying to shoehorn time in for exercise, me etc is to plan that first and get work to work around that.

Breathe- yes if I didn’t breathe I would be dead ! But to breathe and be more mindful to be in the moment.

Relax – I’m not very good at this. To allow myself to relax to not feel guilty. Thinking I should be doing something. But as a friend once said, doing nothing is doing something.

What would your 3 words be??

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