I love the power of social media, a lady called Rebecca had been following me on Instagram for ages. I got a message from her to say how much she loved my blog, she was relocating to the area and did I want my lashes done for a special price.  I had party lashes done at New Year and loved the full look of them, but they only last a few days.  I am lucky my eyelashes are quite full and more so with mascara on. Continue reading “Lashtastic”

Charcoal mask

Caution girly beauty blog alert. After seeing the new wonder beauty must have “the peel off charcoal mask” I thought I must try this.

Charcoal seems to be the latest trend.  Though you may not immediately associate charcoal with healthy skin or skin-care products, activated charcoal boasts beauty benefits for skin by drawing oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores due to its adsorption powers.Continue reading “Charcoal mask”

Olaplex the saviour of my hair

Olaplex Number 3 is the new wonder can’t life  without beauty product.  My hair has been chemically enhanced since forever.  I remember a hairdresser saying if you want to grow your hair, you will need to give it lots of TLC.  Which I have done over the years being a slave to the latest must have product to give me wonderfully smooth tresses.Continue reading “Olaplex the saviour of my hair”