After completing my 40 at 40 list, it got me thinking about other things I wanted to do. https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2012/06/17/the-final-list-ginas-big-40-at-40/ So my fabulist was born, no time frame just a list of things, adventures, experiences I wanted to do before I die. Though not planning on that happening anytime soon. https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2014/10/19/my-new-fabulist/

A tick off my fabulist – visit Amsterdam 

Going to Amsterdam has been on my to do list for quite some time. It is great it is such a short flying time and the transport system in Amsterdam makes it so easy to explore the city.An incredibly early start mean we were at the hotel by 11am, no time for duty free inContinue reading “A tick off my fabulist – visit Amsterdam “

Do something everyday that scares you! 

Those of you who read my blogs, see that I’m an adventure girl and some of the tasks on my 40 at 40 list are testament to that. I had a meeting at the Kendal wall and noticed they had recently installed an indoor Via Ferrata. Ang showed me it after our meeting and saidContinue reading “Do something everyday that scares you! “

Photographic student for the day

I have always loved photography and the science behind cameras. Being mesmerised as a child with the family Kodak camera with the screw on flash cube. Taking photos was something that was done on special occasions. Well it was in my household. The waiting game to see your pictures and then discard half of themContinue reading “Photographic student for the day”