Ice skating – a tick off my fabulist

I love how my fabulist inspires people to get involved. This item was added by my friends two girls Erin and Niamh. It took nearly all year to organise but finally got round to it.
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What a girl will do to get bling

Last year when I was 40, I had my 40 at 40 list to be completed in my 40th year. Whilst I was completing them, I got thinking about other challenges, skills and things I wanted to do. So a new fabulist was born, a list for life. The first thing I put on my list was to complete the Brathay Windermere marathon. Continue reading “What a girl will do to get bling”

My review of the year – July – September 2013

So half through the year and my big birthday!! The year has flown by and cannot believe that had completed 30 things off my list. Climbing Snowdon was on my list and thought well if we are climbing one, might as well do all 3!! So did this before flying out to Ibiza. The weather was glorious.

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My review of the year – April – June 2013

April 2013
So with regular treatment from Graham at The Body Rehab, my knee was improving. A few small runs and then the test of a 14 mile run. I was in pain but pleased that I’d done it. Emotions were high and I burst into tears on my return, as the realisation I could actually do the London marathon. Marathon day arrived, doing it dressed as Wonder Woman I got plenty of high fives!

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My review of the year, January – March 2013

So another year draws to an end and what a year it has been. 2012 was a mixed year and with a new start in 2013 with lots of challenges to look forward, it was going to be a busy one. People have said that I have exhausted them with my antics or inspired them to do their own challenges. So here is my review of my 2013.

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Item off my new Fabulist – trying Cristal champagne

Maybe it’s the inner chav in me that wanted to try Cristal champagne, but it made it onto my fabulist.

I had coveted trying this after seeing the sparkly bottle at my local wine merchants, Frank Stainton’s wine. The price tag put me off.Continue reading “Item off my new Fabulist – trying Cristal champagne”

Things to do in 2014

So as another year draws to an end, this year has been quite a busy one to say the least! We all set off with New Year resolutions and these usually fall by the wayside by February. But for me I think I have nearly completed them all, well the physical ones, the personal ones I set myself still need work.

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