Afternoon tea at Forest Side 

Last year I was lucky enough to go to the Forest Side for lunch. was amazing and a few weeks after our visit, they were awarded their first Michelin star. I had seen pictures of their afternoon tea and it went on my never ending list of places to eat. 

After having words about the lack of flowers from my husband. You know the conversation, a jokey comment turns into something less jokey. The next day I got a text and it said “Forest Side booked for afternoon tea, think you’ll find that trumps flowers” he’s right it does. This action came with comments and groans from male friends at this smooth action from Mr P. 

Afternoon Tea is a tea-related ritual, introduced in Britain in the early 1840s. It evolved as a mini meal to stem the hunger and anticipation of an evening meal at 8pm.

Afternoon tea was taken in the lounge. As we were first there, had the choice of where to sit, of course it had to be the window seat. I just love everything about the place, the decor is beautiful and I sank into the wonderful velour armchair. 

A check from the waiter that we didn’t have any dietary requirements and this masterpiece arrived. 

It would be rude not to have a glass of fizz. 

Every mouthful was foodgasmic. 

A very lovely afternoon and possibly the best afternoon tea I’ve ever had, there I’ve said it. Definitely beats flowers. 

Gilpin Spice and all things nice 

Gilpin lodge hotel has always been a favourite place of mine. The Cunliffe family who own it, are always innovative and have a real eye for detail. I love the interior and the food is always amazing. I was very excited to hear about their latest venture, Gilpin Spice. A restaurant almost like pan Asian tapas. Continue reading “Gilpin Spice and all things nice “

Food snob

I was talking with my friend Al about how we are in danger of becoming food snobs. How we get annoyed at people’s lack of thought in how they present food and drinks.

I was out in Kendal town at a well known establishment, I asked for a gin and tonic. I was astounded that there was only Gordon’s or Bombay sapphire on offer. Has the gin revolution passed them by? Plus no premium tonic, tonic is 75% of the drink so it needs to be good. Then to top it, off it was served in a half pint pot with a very sorry looking piece of lime. Continue reading “Food snob”

Raby Hunt 

I had never heard about the Raby Hunt restaurant until one of my customers Steve told me about it. Every time he went, he said to me “you must go” this continued for about 4 years. Him talking so passionately about the food imploring me to visit. When the Michelin guide announced the new stars, they were awarded 2. I received an email from Steve and all is said was “2 stars”. Steve’s partner Fiona died earlier this year, Steve said Fiona was just like you, a doer, don’t ever stop doing. So with this in mind, checked the calendar to when could fit a visit in. Continue reading “Raby Hunt “

A new star is born- Forestside

When the hotel opened it doors earlier this year I was interested to see what Andrew and his team had done to breath life into this neglected building.  Forest Side is an imposing slate-built mansion, built for a wealthy industrialist in 1853, on the outskirts of Grasmere. Across the road, Helm Crag looking down majestically on it.  In recent years had been left with no improvement and resembled a hammer house of horrors than a lakeland retreat.Continue reading “A new star is born- Forestside”

Escaping to Yorkshire for the night….

I visited the Black Swan in Helmsley about 4 years ago on a Sunday is the new Saturday deal. As I was on the mailing list a deal came through and thought why not.

Helmsley is a chocolate box village situated 23 miles north of York. Last time I was at the hotel, it was having a refurb so was interested to see the improvements. Continue reading “Escaping to Yorkshire for the night….”

Number 1 off my new list!!

Can I start a new list before completing my 40 at 40?? I still have my helicopter ride over the lakes to do and just waiting for a clear day and my friend to have a window in his diary to take me.
So as I’d been completing my 40 things, there were lots more things I wanted to do. Continue reading “Number 1 off my new list!!”