Gin and truffle making

Gin and chocolate what could possibly go wrong?? I was invited to a Gin talk and chocolate truffle making night at my friends place “The Cocoa Bean” in Hawkshead. The cocoa bean is a chocolate shop where you can make your own too, whether you’re 5 or 85.

Eyes down

I grew up in a place called Over Norton in the heart of the Cotswolds. Over Norton is a tiny village, it’s a very beautiful chocolate box village, but there is literally nothing to do there. I laugh when I hear teenagers complaining of life in Kendal and there being nothing to do. The only … More Eyes down

Personal training 

I’d always thought that having a PT was a bit pretentious as it’s mostly associated with the rich and famous. Stories of how the star’s PT had got them back into shape after having a baby, or for an upcoming movie role. 


About 4 years ago when I was running, the balls of my feet would burn with hot spots.  I could cope with the burning on runs up to 10k but when I was doing the longer training runs or marathons, it was excruiating.


Getting injured feels like deja vu to March 2016, when I tore my calf muscle in the lead  up to the London marathon. Running through what I thought was tightness meant that I tore it deeper. Nothing more irritated than an injured runner. No marathon that year.  On a long training run with my marathon … More Recovery 

A tick off my fabulist – learn to skim stones 

When people see this on my list, I’m greeted with what you can’t skim stones. No I can’t hence why it’s on my list.  There is something therapeutic about chucking rocks/stones into water, the satisfying splash and of course trying to avoid being covered in water.  When walking by the side of Derwent water at … More A tick off my fabulist – learn to skim stones