A tick of the fabulist – do a skydive/parachute jump

As part of my 40 at 40 list I did an indoor skydive, it was great fun. https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2012/08/27/completing-no-2-on-my-40-at-40-list/When I was completing my 40 list, there were lots of other experiences I wanted to do. So my fabulist was created. No time frame just things I wanted to do before I died. After doing an indoor … More A tick of the fabulist – do a skydive/parachute jump


When you’ve had a break from fitness due to illness, it’s easy to believe that you’ve lost all of your gains.

Face of Anxiety

With mental health there is no one size fits all in my experience. When I am brave enough to admit to people “I suffer with anxiety” people are shocked. It’s usually accompanied with “you? But you’re so outgoing, happy”.

New boots

It was probably about 5 years after moving to the Lake District, that I bought my first pair of walking boots and discovered my love for the hills.


Another year has passed by in a blink of an eye, they say the older you get the quicker it passes. Though when I speak with my 2 stepsons, they think the same, I guess we are just leading busier lives.

Eyelash lift

I like to describe myself as high maintenance so I can be low maintenance. Yes that may sound like a contradiction but let me explain. I’ve had my eyebrows tattooed, I have regular waxing, nails done all so I’m good to go with less prep hence making me low maintenance. I had an eyelash lift … More Eyelash lift

Dear Dad

Originally posted on Adventures of Cumbrian Blondie:
This week marks 33 years since you passed away. They say time brings acceptance, but as each year that passes it makes me feel sad that I can’t really remember what you looked like, or how it felt to be cuddled by you, what you sounded like. I…

Gin and truffle making

Gin and chocolate what could possibly go wrong?? I was invited to a Gin talk and chocolate truffle making night at my friends place “The Cocoa Bean” in Hawkshead. The cocoa bean is a chocolate shop where you can make your own too, whether you’re 5 or 85.