That time of year again and it always brings a moment of reflection on the past 12 months, was it a bestseller?  Hell yes.  2018 will be an unforgettable year for The Pennington family as we launched our business in May.  We  have been blown away by the support and more importantly custom.  We have gone from wishing it was Friday in our old world  to how the hell is it Friday already.  Continue reading “Resolutions”

A tick of the fabulist – do a skydive/parachute jump

As part of my 40 at 40 list I did an indoor skydive, it was great fun. I was completing my 40 list, there were lots of other experiences I wanted to do. So my fabulist was created. No time frame just things I wanted to do before I died. After doing an indoor skydive, thought I’ll have to do one outside. Continue reading “A tick of the fabulist – do a skydive/parachute jump”