Life is hard at times, I find myself thinking have I made any progress. I’ve enjoyed writing my weekly updates on my training journey for the London marathon. Reading back at week 1 when I was struggling to run 3 miles to now having miles banked in my legs for actually running the marathon. I actually feel a little excited by the thought of pounding the streets of London. even more so that I am doing it with my lovely friend Louise.  Progress. Continue reading “Progress”

Week 12

After my soaking the day before on my long run, I was feeling tired. The constant dodging the puddles and battling the elements really took it out of me.

The weather on Wednesday was back to rain. As the alarm went off at 6.15am to the rain battering the windows, I decided to do my run before I went to the pool. I ran my best I had in a while. Doing a really good tempo run. I ran in my brooks trainers as my hokas were still damp from Sunday. It was nice running in these and I forgot how comfy they were. Continue reading “Week 12”

Week 9

I like a Monday, it’s like a reset button. I Look at my plan and it was a gentler running week. Let my body have an easier time. But it doesn’t get easier you just go faster.

I was trying to be a bit easier on myself, though i did stupidly look at someone’s social media who is training for London marathon and instantly felt a failure comparing my efforts to theirs. Reminding myself I’m doing what I’m doing and sod everything else I see.  Easier said than done.Continue reading “Week 9”