Yes it is that time of year when you reflect on the years events and look forward to the next adventures.  A recurrent phrase but where has this year gone?  The weeks fly by and months disappear before your eyes.  2016 has certainly been a busy year, I can sleep when i am dead.  With more and more people I know being diagnosed with cancer, makes you want to seize life even more, as you don’t know what is around the corner.Continue reading “Resolutions”

Before social media

Someone asked me the other day “what did you do before social media?” After contemplating for a moment or two I said “exactly the same as I do now”  Remember the days before the Internet? Well, if you are over 25, you should have some vague memories on how life was back in the days with no Internet access and the “what’s the wifi code?” being our first question when going places. Continue reading “Before social media”

Life stories

I was incredibly honoured to be asked by Radio Cumbria to feature on the segment “life stories”. My first reaction was really? Would people find my life story that interesting?

Kevin Fernihough is so lovely and made me feel instantly relaxed when we did my interview. I had spoken with him a few times in the past when I was asked to go on the Biz quiz (reigning champ with 3 consecutive wins). I had spoken to a researcher to give a brief synopsis of my life and Kevin took it from there.Continue reading “Life stories”