Before social media

Someone asked me the other day “what did you do before social media?” After contemplating for a moment or two I said “exactly the same as I do now”  Remember the days before the Internet? Well, if you are over 25, you should have some vague memories on how life was back in the days with no Internet access and the “what’s the wifi code?” being our first question when going places. Continue reading “Before social media”

The Perils of getting about in The Lake District

People are always saying to me you are so lucky living and working in the Lake District.  Yes I am, I ran away to the Lakes back in 1990 with my boyfriend at the time.  I came here with nothing and didn’t even know where the Lake District was.  When you are young and in love, you do these crazy things.   I love living here, it is one of the most beautiful places in the UK attracting around 15.8 million visitors per year.Continue reading “The Perils of getting about in The Lake District”

What Ewe looking at? 

I completely love the life size Herdys which have appeared all over the Lake District. On the sides of roads, hotels and shops.  It’s the start of the Go Herdwick public art trail to raise money for the Lake District Calvert Trust. All funds raised by the Go Herdwick trail will help the Calvert Trust – which provides outdoor activities for those with disabilities – to develop a new rehabilitation centre in Keswick.  Continue reading “What Ewe looking at? “