Beer is the answer….. 

Now what was the question?? Whenever I do a long run or fell walk my reward is a nice bottle of beer. Beer contains the perfect mix of sugary carbs, a hint of electrolytes, and a few helpful plant-based nutrients that come from the hops, yeast, and barley. Makes it practically healthy. 

Week 6

At last glimmers of fitness starting to return. Going out and braving the weather. I quite like running in the rain, which is a good job living in the Lake District.  There is no better feeling when the endorphins kick in whilst in a hot shower. Think these kind of runs are the character building … More Week 6

Dear Dad

This week marks 33 years since you passed away. They say time brings acceptance, but as each year that passes it makes me feel sad that I can’t really remember what you looked like, or how it felt to be cuddled by you, what you sounded like. I feel cross that I only have a … More Dear Dad

Beer judging 

I’m always honoured to be asked to be on the judging panel for beer. In my day job as coffee girl, cupping and tasting coffee, my tastebuds are tuned. The same principles of taste are applied whatever you’re tasting. 

Before social media

Someone asked me the other day “what did you do before social media?” After contemplating for a moment or two I said “exactly the same as I do now”  Remember the days before the Internet? Well, if you are over 25, you should have some vague memories on how life was back in the days … More Before social media