Ullswater Way

There has always been a walk around one of my favourite lakes in the Lake District. In recent years the much welcome addition of a proper pathway and steamer stop at Aira Force has made it more accessible, plus you don’t take your life in your hands walking down the busy road.   After the … More Ullswater Way

Orrest Head 

It was in 1930 that 23 year old Alfred Wainwright first visited the Lake District from his home in Blackburn. Having got the train to Windermere, he climbed the path that starts just outside the station and goes to the viewpoint of Orrest Head.

Grasmere revisited 

Friends Martin and Kirsty were up in the lakes and Martin has been sucked into the Wainwright obsession. Having completed the 214 wainwrights myself, I feel a little jealous of the excitement of ticking off hills. Plotting, planning as the obsession takes hold.  As he had some of the central fells to do I suggested … More Grasmere revisited 

After work hike 

Walking in the hills in the evening when everyone has gone home is just the best.  Gorgeous weather and needed to be taken advantage of.  Helvellyn was the plan and a quick message to Gary and Stu and they were coming to join us meeting at the Church in Wythburn on the shores of Thirlmere.  

Coledale Horseshoe

It has been so nice being out in the fells once more.  With a favourable forecast, this hasn’t been the case with the recent bank holidays, it would be a shame not to get out.  As I have said before, I make no bones about being a fair weather walker, I know that living here … More Coledale Horseshoe


This is one of my favourite hills, it’s a kinda lazy hill. What I mean by that is for a little exertion you are treated to one of the best views in the lakes when you reach the summit. 

Wetherlam revisit 

I make no bones about being a fair weather walker. Living in the Lake District affords me this luxury to pick and choose my hill time. I was last up this mountain back in October 2012. The weather was appalling and can’t even remember the summit as was trying to keep the rain out of … More Wetherlam revisit