Ullswater Way

There has always been a walk around one of my favourite lakes in the Lake District. In recent years the much welcome addition of a proper pathway and steamer stop at Aira Force has made it more accessible, plus you don’t take your life in your hands walking down the busy road.   After the devastating floods in December 2015, in order to promote the area, the Ullswater Way was born being officially opened in April 2016, a 20 mile walk around this stunning lake.  The path’s symbol, used for waymarking, has a picture of a daffodil; it was on the shore of Ullswater that William Wordsworth saw the flowers which inspired his well-known poem “I wondered lonely as a cloud”, often known simply as “Daffodils”.Continue reading “Ullswater Way”

Grasmere revisited 

Friends Martin and Kirsty were up in the lakes and Martin has been sucked into the Wainwright obsession. Having completed the 214 wainwrights myself, I feel a little jealous of the excitement of ticking off hills. Plotting, planning as the obsession takes hold. 

As he had some of the central fells to do I suggested this https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2012/06/05/helm-crag-sunday-27th-may/ 4 ticked off and is such a nice walk. I couldn’t believe it was over 4 years since I had last walked this route. This walk was one of my early wainwright bagging walks. 

Parking in our locals knowledge free carpark, boots on and we are off. The path to Helm Crag is well marked. It’s quite a steady ascent up and with this you are quickly rewarded with a view.  

We were so lucky with the weather though as we got higher the windier and cold it got. Soon the recognisable Howitzer was in sight. I’d climbed it last time I was here. 

From here a slight descent and climb up to Gibson Knott, though the actual summit looks as if it should be it but it actually a little further on. Quick GPS check and yes definitely done the summit. 

It’s such easy walking in this route and soon Calf Crag was in sight.   Before we got to Calf crag found a perfect spot for lunch. I have to say nothing like a pork pie and brownie to eat on a mountain. 

As I hadn’t been fell walking for awhile so I  was glad it wasn’t anymore strenuous. 

Calf crag selfie

At calf crag, Martin and I headed to the final summit of Steel Fell whilst Dave and Kirsty headed down the valley to the car. It was a boggy slog as we temporarily lost the path. I like Steel fell with its view down towards Thirlmere. 

Last one done and a well marked path down. Martin and I could smell the beer. Despite taking different routes down, we ended back at nearly the same time. Tweedies bar in Grasmere was the destination for post walk reward. Couldn’t choose so had a paddle. Another 4 ticked off. 

Walk up Tarn Crag

Friends Hayley and Jon were up at their house in Grasmere, another gorgeous day so decided to kill several birds at once as the saying goes.  Have a  catch up, walk and bag a Wainwright.  It had been ages since I had been up the Easedale Valley as the hills up here were some of the first ones I did.  We decided that we would park in a woodland car park on the way up to Lancrigg as would save the mile or so walk back to their house.  Plus would get to the pub quicker afterwards.Continue reading “Walk up Tarn Crag”

Coledale Horseshoe

It has been so nice being out in the fells once more.  With a favourable forecast, this hasn’t been the case with the recent bank holidays, it would be a shame not to get out.  As I have said before, I make no bones about being a fair weather walker, I know that living here gives me that luxury. A message sent out to friends and Jim, Dave, Simon, John and Ria were up for a walk.  I had suggested that we do the classic walk The Coledale Horseshoe.  https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2012/12/10/not-quite-the-coledale-horseshoe/Readers of my blog will know that last time we attempted to do this, we ended up going the wrong way out of the car park and ended up walking towards the mine.  It was one of my favourite walks and ended up being renamed the “Coledale Flipflop”.Continue reading “Coledale Horseshoe”

Silver How with Friends

Another glorious day in prospect and was a shame not to be outside enjoying the weather.  June and Graeme (My proxy parents) were down staying in Grasmere, so we organised a walk.  Being the social secretary, I sent a facebook message round and there was going to be 16 of us, a dog and a baby.  Cue industrial sized Brownies to be baked.  As June and Graeme were staying in Grasmere, I suggested doing Silver How and see how everyone felt on that summit and take it from there.  Good idea was the consensus. Continue reading “Silver How with Friends”

Wetherlam revisit 

I make no bones about being a fair weather walker. Living in the Lake District affords me this luxury to pick and choose my hill time. I was last up this mountain back in October 2012. The weather was appalling and can’t even remember the summit as was trying to keep the rain out of my eyes. Read about it here https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2012/10/28/a-very-wet-twitteratti-walk-up-wetherlam-28th-october/

With a favourable forecast decided to look at the list of 20 or so summits I didn’t get a view on. Wetherlam it was. I’m not sure what it is but I’m not a huge fan of Coniston. It always feels dark. But I do love the Coniston Fells. 

Parked at Tilberthwaite and managed to get one of the last parking spaces. Whilst technically free, they do ask you for a donation. Boots on and we were off. A glorious day and set off in short sleeves. My friend Dave always says “start off cold” as after the first accent you’ll be wanting to strip off. Never a truer word said. 

The route we took was a nice gentle accent up the left hand side of Tilberthwaite gill. As you reach the end of the gill there is a cairn and a perfect view stop. It isn’t marked on the map. An opportunity to catch your breath and take in the view. 

Cross the beck and a steady ascent up taking in Wetherlam edge. As we approached the summit, I could see the cloud coming in. Every step Praying that it would go by the time we go to the top. 


Amazing view to climb to

The top of Wetherlam was very windy, short sleeves swapped for fleece and wind proof jacket. Cursed that I had forgotten my gloves. A view but it was interspersed with cloud. 


Yay a view
Mountain treat

My favourite fell top treat a pork pie, it inspired this blog :https://adventuresofcumbrianblondie.co.uk/2016/03/26/whats-your-mountain-food/

It was so cold and windy on the summit that after we had re fuelled we got off the summit and made our descent. From the summit followed the path to Lower Hows.  The cloud lifted and had great views towards the neighbouring fells Old Man of Coniston, Holme Fell and Coniston Water. 



So excited I got a view

The path back was very well defined. Soon we joined the path near the viewing cairn and back to the car. 

  It was nice to see where we actually walked last time we did this. Much nicer walking in drier conditions.  A great mountain. 


Hallin Fell – The final one for Ria

Hallin fell is a great hill and was my first official wainwright when I started from scratch in Jan 2012.  Earlier this year when walking with Ria, we were having a count up of ones she had left and more importantly what would she finish on?! We said to her Hallin was a great fell and one that her husband Bob (who doesn’t do fellwalking) would enjoy. I said it would be great to go to The Howtown hotel afterwards but if she wanted to do that, had to be ready for final one before the end of October, as the hotel shuts for winter. So with this in mind Ria ticked of the remaining ones and a date was set for the final one! 

As the Twitter walking group social secretary, I said to Ria I would sort it. A few messages and there was 22 and 3 dogs turned up to walk the final wainwright. After squeezing all the cars in the lay-bys just past the Howtown hotel. We set off. 

The plan was to walk round the lake and zig zag our way to the summit. The weather gods were being nice and Ullswater was looking rather lovely. 

 As we made our way along the group split up as we all caught up with each other. 

I had forgotten what a steep drag it was up but that just meant plenty of view stops! 

 Soon the summit was in sight, June and Graham were waiting for us on the top as got delayed travelling down. 

Summit touched and another member of the 214 club. Time to get out the prosecco and brownies!! 

 It is a fabulous summit. Lots of pictures before heading off. 

It’s only about a 15 walk back down to the car and then to the Howtown hotel for walkers reward. 

 Welcome to the club Ria 👏🏻