The final Southern Fells

After last weeks walk, it left me 3 fells in the Southern wainwright fell book to complete. I had mentioned this to Gary on the last walk and he was up for it, Andy had text to say he may come for a play in the lakes and brownies had sealed the deal! Derick who is just starting his wainwright adventure came along as did lakes walking legends Ray and David.

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Bonus hill time

A slight mix up in flight times back from Ibiza meant we had a free day. So from my sun lounger I was planning a route! Yes I know I’m slightly obsessed. I decided we were going to do a final few in the Langdale area. The Langdales are my favourite part of the lakes. A text around and Gary said I’m up for that. So we met at 8.30 in the National Trust car park at Old Dungeon Ghyll. Continue reading “Bonus hill time”

After work wander up Bessyboot

My theory is when you have good weather you need to take advantage. We only had Bessyboot to do in the Borrowdale valley and is classified as a Southern Fell in the Wainwright books. It nestles in between the other surrounding fells already climbed. We had mentioned our plan to Gary, who said “mid week wander? I’m in”. Through the power of social media twitter, we had a newbie Derrick who came along to join us. Continue reading “After work wander up Bessyboot”

A Hartsop/Kentmere epic adventure

Still a few to do in the Wainwright Far Eastern fells book. Ray had messaged to see if were going out and what fells we still had to do. So a screen shot sent and he suggested we finish off the remaining ones on the Kentmere horseshoe and 3 on the Hartsop side. This left Rest Dodd and The Nab for another day. I messaged Gary as he’s always up for an epic walk, he was in so decided to meet at 8am in the Hartsop car park. With it being bank holiday we thought an early start would be a good idea.

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Great Carrs and Greyfriar

It seems to be a recurrent theme, doing walks to take in summits missed on previous walks. This was the case today. When we first decided to complete out first round of Wainwrights, we didn’t set off in a very scientific manner. Accidentally missing summits because we were just out for a walk. Continue reading “Great Carrs and Greyfriar”

After work walk up Cold Pike – Wainwright 181

You’ve got to take advantage of good weather when it comes your way, especially after the recent spell of bad weather. It’s nice going out after work, it clears the head after a hards day work and there’s something very nice about having the hills to yourself when everyone else has gone home. Continue reading “After work walk up Cold Pike – Wainwright 181”

After work bimble up Troutbeck Tongue

After a wet day, the evening turned out to be dry and sunny. So thought would do one of the smaller hills in the Far Eastern fells – Troutbeck tongue after work. Being in the hills when everyone has finished with them for the day is very nice. Not a soul about. Just a couple of mountain bikers heading towards High Street.Continue reading “After work bimble up Troutbeck Tongue”

Plan B

Let the obsession continue……When we were out with Paul and Sian on the 10 in 10, he mentioned that our mutual friends Paul and Karen were coming to the lakes to walk and go to the famous Staveley Beer hall summer beer festival. So we gate crashed and had the day off work and joined them. I did make the request to do the Kentmere horseshoe as the Far Eastern fells were next on the list. The weather was not looking favourable at the start of the week but by Thursday was only a slight chance of a shower so decided to go for it.Continue reading “Plan B”

The final central fells

After the previous weeks bagging that just left 3 summits to complete the Wainwright central fells book. To say I’m obsessed is maybe an understatement. The weather forecast was mixed with the threat of a shower. As they say ” no such thing as bad weather just the wrong kit”. Tanya and Ray came along to walk with us. Continue reading “The final central fells”