A tick off my fabulist – learn to skim stones 

When people see this on my list, I’m greeted with what you can’t skim stones. No I can’t hence why it’s on my list.  There is something therapeutic about chucking rocks/stones into water, the satisfying splash and of course trying to avoid being covered in water.  When walking by the side of Derwent water at … More A tick off my fabulist – learn to skim stones 

Pork and Fennel Ragu

Even if you are not a fan of fennel, do try this dish.  Super easy to make.  The recipe serves 8, so I make the full recipe and then freeze portions.  With one of the portions I added some cheese sauce and topped with mozzarella to make a gratin.

Thai trout parcels 

A bit of chopping required for this Thai inspired dish. Quick easy and looks impressive when served.  Ingredients   1 bunch of spring onions  2cm piece of fresh ginger  1 red chilli  1 celery stick  1 carrot  1 garlic clove ½ bag of fresh coriander  4 trout fillets (about 125g each)  4 tsp soy sauce  4 … More Thai trout parcels 

Good ideas

You know when things are a good idea at the time??  You have said yes to doing things then the the reality kicks in?  You too?  In my post euphoric marathon haze I said to a friend that I would run Chester marathon with her.  In April, October seemed like an age away, weeks pass … More Good ideas

Giving up on dreams

Grief has a rather unexpected habit of creeping up on you without warning.  That was what happened when I was casually scrolling through Twitter, saw a infertility tweet relating to a story on Corrie.  I don’t watch it but it was doing a story about IVF and it failing.  My eyes pricked with tears and … More Giving up on dreams