Week 4

Another week and a check on the schedule to what the week ahead involves. Plans were aborted as I needed an emergency doctors appointment on Monday. I’m not surprised I was feeling a bit crap last week as I had an infection. Prescription collected and back to the plan.

With my Monday planned run cancelled, I decided to switch to Tuesday but that meant I had to switch my exercise class to Friday. Such first world problems. A busy day at work and a list of jobs at home, going for a 4 mile run was the last thing I wanted to do. Dave was away so I was home alone and Lucy needed to go out. So off we set, it was cold, luckily it was dry. I felt better, my pace was good and felt great when I got back.

I went out again the next day and finally was feeling as if fitness was returning. I was feeling less wobbly. This was confirmed when I went to class on Friday. It was measurement time, I was dreading it after being away last week. But as she measured me I was pleasantly surprised, a whole 5 inches gone since 7th January. I weighed myself the previous morning and had put 1kg on. So that’s it I’m giving up the scales!

I’m trying to do my long run on a Saturday so I can do a body pump class on Sunday. The weather was so bad but managed to get a window. A good run with good pace was the perfect finish to week 4.

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Week 3

A weeks holiday plan and my first thought is when can I run to keep on plan. I love the structure but when I’m wheezing at a mere 5k it feels insurmountable.

Luckily I had my friends we were staying with are runners so were there to keep me company. But as I lagged behind those demons appeared in my head “you’re fat, you’re slow, you’re making a fool out of yourself” Trying to put a brave face on it.

I inadvertently did my long run after I took a wrong turn. Problem with running in unfamiliar territory. But got back and was pleased it was done. Also managed a bit of cross training which was good. A few calories burnt to counter balance the prosecco drunk.

I got the job done this week but it feels like a big task is still to come. Come on fitness, please come back I need you.