Brantwood was another place which I had passed by hundreds of times but never ventured inside.  Brantwood was the home of John Ruskin, he was the leading English art critic of the Victorian era, as well as an art patron, draughtsman, watercolourist, a prominent social thinker and philanthropis.  Brantwood looks down to Coniston water andContinue reading “Brantwood”

A new star is born- Forestside

When the hotel opened it doors earlier this year I was interested to see what Andrew and his team had done to breath life into this neglected building.  Forest Side is an imposing slate-built mansion, built for a wealthy industrialist in 1853, on the outskirts of Grasmere. Across the road, Helm Crag looking down majestically on it.  InContinue reading “A new star is born- Forestside”

Completing No36 off my 40 at 40 to do list – Via Feratta Extreme

So I have my to do list and as much as I don’t like it I am officially in my 40th year.  So the first one to do was the Via Feratta Extreme at Honister Slate mine.  I put out a twitter alert and asked friends but lots said “no way you’ll getting me upContinue reading “Completing No36 off my 40 at 40 to do list – Via Feratta Extreme”

Cross Bay walk July 15th 2012

The Cross Bay walk was one of those things I have always fancied doing.  It was for a good cause (Bay search and rescue).  Decided to park at Kents Bank, Grange and get the train round to Arnside to start the walk.  Result on the train, conductor didn’t get to us so didn’t have toContinue reading “Cross Bay walk July 15th 2012”

Old man of Coniston walk 19th April

See the full gallery on Posterous Another gorgeous day in the lakes, part of my New Years resolution was to get out on the hills more and so far so good! It was decided that The Old Man of Coniston was this weeks destination.  I had not done this walk for 10 plus years.  WhereContinue reading “Old man of Coniston walk 19th April”