Gary’s last Wainwright : Kirk Fell and The Mosedale Horseshoe


So after nagging Gary for the last few weeks to get his last Wainwright done, we set a date. His last wainwright was Kirk Fell and decided to tag in the Mosedale Horseshoe for good measure.

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Post beer festival Twitteratti walk 21st July


Having just flown back from Ibiza was definitely itching to get back into the fells. With more birthday celebrations and a tweet up at the Beer festival in Staveley the previous night, decided on a more leisurely meet time of 11am.

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Wainwright number 76 – Souther Fell

With my first wild camp having quite literally a rain check and Dave having completed the Great North swim, hadn’t planned any walks. So the weather was looking not too bad so decided to tick off Souther Fell. Completed quite alot of the neighbouring wainwrights on our first Twitter walk.
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Walla crag after work – June 5th 2013

Found ourselves with a free evening after plans changed, as we were still lucky enough to have good weather, thought we could squeeze in another evening walk. Sent a tweet out and despite the lack of brownies, Bruce and Gary joined us for the walk up Walla Crag.Continue reading “Walla crag after work – June 5th 2013”