High maintenance 

Caution girlie blog coming up!! 

I’ve never really worn make up, it scared me. I am lucky to be blessed with long eyelashes, so a a sweep of mascara was me. Whenever I did try eye shadow, I always thought I looked like a drag queen, so gave up.  Looking in the mirror, looking like I’d been gang banged by crayola. 

The launch of BB creams were a godsend. No orange tideline from badly applied foundation, a quick easy can’t go wrong application. 

A couple of months ago, I saw on the TV the Benefit make up artist do an article on contour make up and I was transfixed. So when in House of Frazer in Carlisle with my friend Paula, I had a makeover on the Benefit stand. 

Nicola on the Benefit stand wasn’t a scary make up lady, just nicely made up and approachable. I find it all quite intimidating or I did. I explained to Nicola what I wanted and she took me through everything thing she did step by step. 

I was really pleased with the results as it still looked like me.  A few purchases and a list for the airport, as was going on holiday and was going to take advantage of duty free. 

So what’s new in my make up bag:

This eye cream is amazing, dark circles diminished and also using it on my frown lines! I frown all the time without even realising! 

I started using an anti ageing serum a couple of years ago. I think it has made a difference, people say I don’t look my age. I’ve upgraded my Boots advanced anti ageing serum for this one. A week in and my skin is lovely. 

From over plucking my eyebrows as a teenager and in my early twenties, I don’t have many brows. I would love to have them tattooed on but to have it done properly is v expensive. So I braved an eyebrow pencil and liked the look. Subtle but yet framed my face. This stuff is amazing, easy to apply and makes my brows fuller. 

I never really used concealer unless I had an annoying spot. This used under the eyes makes my dark tired circles disappear. I think I wasn’t using enough obviously more is more at times. 

This highlighter gives a nice hue, I’ve put the sun beam onto my next wish list! 

Mascara has always been the stalwart of my make up. This one is fantastic, instantly my lashes are longer and lush. Lasts forever, going to try the Rollerlash next. 

This has been a favourite and use it most days. The Hoola bronzer is just lovely. A nice glow and light on my skin. 

Blusher scared me, but this just adds the nice glow, plus I use it as a general setting powder.

Though not a new addition to my make up, I love my red lippy. When I turned 40 I embraced the red lippy and I love it. 

So having spent ages pouring over online tutorials, I decided to have a go. Was easier than I thought and just need to get used to the protocol of applying the products and experiment. 

My results!    

Maybe doing this before I went for a run was not my brightest idea! But it lasted a sweaty run! 

People have noticed I look different but it’s our secret right *taps nose