A new star is born- Forestside

When the hotel opened it doors earlier this year I was interested to see what Andrew and his team had done to breath life into this neglected building.  Forest Side is an imposing slate-built mansion, built for a wealthy industrialist in 1853, on the outskirts of Grasmere. Across the road, Helm Crag looking down majestically on it.  In recent years had been left with no improvement and resembled a hammer house of horrors than a lakeland retreat.Continue reading “A new star is born- Forestside”

Number 1 off my new list!!

Can I start a new list before completing my 40 at 40?? I still have my helicopter ride over the lakes to do and just waiting for a clear day and my friend to have a window in his diary to take me.
So as I’d been completing my 40 things, there were lots more things I wanted to do. Continue reading “Number 1 off my new list!!”