Photographic student for the day

I have always loved photography and the science behind cameras. Being mesmerised as a child with the family Kodak camera with the screw on flash cube. Taking photos was something that was done on special occasions. Well it was in my household. The waiting game to see your pictures and then discard half of them as there was only one descent one. Oh am I showing my age?? Continue reading “Photographic student for the day”

A twist on completing number 13 off my 40 at 40 list – pose nude

So number 13 is to have a life drawing done of myself. My friend Jen who lives in Barcelona and an artist, said come over and have it done here. Jen said I have lots of artists friends that would love to paint you especially with your curves! So have booked to go in June. Plus having it done in another country means there will be no embarrassing bumping into people saying “oh you look different with your clothes on”

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