After work hike 

Walking in the hills in the evening when everyone has gone home is just the best.  Gorgeous weather and needed to be taken advantage of.  Helvellyn was the plan and a quick message to Gary and Stu and they were coming to join us meeting at the Church in Wythburn on the shores of Thirlmere.  

An Eskdale medley

So on the way home from the Strands in Wasdale, there were 3 more Wainwrights in mind to do on the way home. Fuelled up with a hearty breakfast off we set to drive to the summit of Hardnott pass.

A Wastwater tour

It was going to be a long time to go from January to September without any time off work. So decided to take a long weekend and book a mid week break to Wasdale at the end of June. Having seen lots of pictures of the Strands posted on twitter, thought this would be the … More A Wastwater tour