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Twitteratti walk up Carrock Fell

So we were having an additional walk this month, I’d heard various people talk about Carrock Fell so this was what we were going to do. Met at the base of the fell and the weather was amazing. As there was only me, Dave, Ray and Gary we decided on a linear walk. Gary and Ray headed off to park the car at Wolfram mine our finish, upon their return it was to attack the steep ascent of Carrock fell.

Completing No9 off my 40 at 40 List – Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Next on the list was Number 9 – The Yorkshire 3 peaks.  I have not really explored Yorkshire, so was really looking forward to doing this.  I understood that it took between 8-12 hours so set the challenge of doing it in 10 hours.  It felt quite a task doing such a long walk (24.1 miles) but felt confident in completing it.

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Striding Edge July 20th 2012

Having a day off when everyone else is at work is twice as nice.  A Friday off but this was really our Jubilee bank holiday as we were working.  Good news is was a much nicer day than the bank holiday!

So a classic walk, not been up Hellvelyn for about 12 years.  It was a nice day but as we set off it did start to spit with rain and my hair got worried for a moment!! Continue reading Striding Edge July 20th 2012