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Old man of Coniston walk 19th April

Another gorgeous day in the lakes, part of my New Years resolution was to get out on the hills more and so far so good!

It was decided that The Old Man of Coniston was this weeks destination.  I had not done this walk for 10 plus years.  Where has the time gone??  Parked in Coniston at the sports ground and was a bargain for parking at £3 for the whole day.  Maybe the rest of the lakes should take note.

It was a lovley day but at 9.30am was on;y 3.5 degrees so was glad I had remembered to put my hat and gloves in my rucksack.  Walked up past the Sun Hotel and up the very steep hill on the Walna Scar road.  I don’t mind a steep ascent as you gain height quickly, the road then levelled out and were soon in the fells.  Soon we were at Goats water and here was a pit stop to take in the view and have a coffee and chocolate break.  Instant coffee in a flask tastes really good when you’re out on a walk especially with chocolate biscuits!!

Before long we were nearly at the summit, it was such a clear day and could see for miles.  As it hadn’t taken as long as we thought, decided to extend the walk to take in Brim Fell Rake, Levers Hawse, Little Bow, Great How Crag onto Swirl How then down past Levers Water to the Coppermines.  I love the Coppermines as it mixes the fells with the industrialness of the mines. 

As with any good walk, you need a good pub at the end of it.  On the way back to the car passed The Black Bull and would have been rude not to call in for one.  Coniston’s Oliver pale ale was my walkers reward! 

Grange Sunday 25th March

Having had a friend to stay and a heavy night at Hawkshead beer festival, after dropping said friend at station wanted to do something with the afternoon.
So drove to Grange for a walk along the prom!! We were the youngest by about 30 years!! Someone said you age a year every 20 mins you are in Grange!!
Had a nice walk along the prom to the cafe (one of my customers) to get an ice cream which he treated us to! Had English lakes blackcurrant nom nom.
Then more strolling to Hazelmere bakery for a pot of tea and one of their legendary vanilla slices! Did feel slightly food giddy after consumption but so worth it!

Arnside knott

Well Sunday again and the weather was not as good as forecasted! Looked a bit dreary up the lakes so thought would head down to Arnside. Not been up Arnside Knott for about 18 years!
It is such a nice walk and didn’t really appreciate how large the Morecambe bay area was! When we got onto the top of the knott the cloud descended do could not see the 360 view of the surrounding hills 😦
A quick descent and a walk along the prom for fish and chips! It was national chip week so would be rude not to partake! There is something so honest about the chippy cafe, just simple food served well with no pretentions! Not warm enough for an ice cream, will save that for summer 🙂

Crinkle Crags and beyond



As part of my New Years resolution was to get out on the hills and this week we decided to tackle Crinkle Crags.
It has been a long time since I had been up this mighty set of crags and they didn’t disappoint.
I had bought a new down jacket and was its first outing in the hills. It was perfect weather, blue skies, sun and a few wispy clouds. There was still quite a lot of ice under foot, which I found later when took a tumble and still have the remnants of bruised knees!!
It was very strenuous in places and took about 5 hours to complete the 8 mile walk.
After any good walk it’s only fair to reward yourself with a well earnt pint, so headed to the Britannia Inn for a pint of Coniston Breweries finest.

Tarn Hows Monday 13th Feb

It’s great having a Monday off, lie in. Met up with friends Ben, Tracey and their daughter Millie.  Not done the walk round Tarn Hows for a long time and had forgotten how lovely it was.  The ice and snow had melted slightly making it a bit easier to walk on.  In parts it looked like a scene from Narnia.  After a energetic walk round it was time for lunch at The Drunken Duck.  The Duck is one of my favourite places in the Lakes.  The food was gorgeous, I had Drunken Duck leg with ale and cherries and Manchester Tart to follow and of course Farrers coffee to finish!  I love that they serve a Duck shaped shortbread with the coffee, nice touch.