Dove CottageĀ 

I have driven past Wordsworth’s home Dove Cottage in Grasmere thousands of times. Wordsworth is synonymous with Grasmere. He is probably Britains best loved and famous poet. When you hear the name Wordsworth, what’s the first word which springs to mind? For me it’s Daffodils. William Wordsworth was born in Cockermouth. He was a majorContinue reading “Dove CottageĀ “

Allan Bank

I have been to Allan Bank in Grasmere lots of times. Today’s visit involved spotting a Calvert Trust Herdy called Hethrington and coffee with Chris.      For those who don’t know what Allan bank is, it’s a National trust property perched on a hill looking majestically down over Grasmere.  It was the home of William WordsworthContinue reading “Allan Bank”